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The Nazareth Library: Wisdom L2L 23

Emerging Wisdom Book Options

L2L Overview

During the summer and fall of 2023, the Saint Joseph Academy community will be exploring the quality of “Emerging Wisdom,” one of the traits outlined in the Character of a Graduate of Saint Joseph Academy. According to this statement, a student with Emerging Wisdom is “enlightened by intellectual curiosity, discernment, and openness, she thinks critically, reflects regularly, broadens her perspectives, and embraces the challenges of new ideas.”

Over the summer, all students are required to read at least one title from the list above that they have not read before. Gaining new insights and perspectives from situations we may not be familiar with is key to Emerging Wisdom, so we challenge our students to select a book that will expand their knowledge of unfamiliar cultures and experiences. 

Because conflict is essential to storytelling, many of the books deal with difficult situations and complex problems. Some titles have content that might be upsetting or might provoke strong emotional responses. Families should help their student carefully discern which book is best;  families are encouraged to look at book reviews and descriptions before choosing a book to read. We also invite families to read along with their student.

eBook and Audiobook Access Instructions

You can access our eBook and Audiobook Collection through the SORA App. There are two locations to access, so if you cannot locate the title you need in the first link, please try the second.

eBook and Audiobook Access Code: 76728982

DIscussion Day

In September 2023, students will meet in their homerooms to further explore Emerging Wisdom by discussing the books they have read. The small-group setting allows us to deepen our relationships and pray together. Because this experience is at the heart of what it means to be a member of the SJA community, it is an expectation that all students come prepared to actively participate in the day’s events. 

Questions for Discussion

In addition to your understanding of how the book relates to Emerging Wisdom, you should also be prepared to provide a synopsis of the book for those who did not read the same one as you.

  • What is the difference between wisdom and knowledge? Which is valued more in our society, at school, at home? Why do we emphasize wisdom over knowledge in the Character of a Graduate statement?

  • Which aspects of the Character of a Graduate definition of Emerging Wisdom does this book include? Give specific examples.

    1. Curiosity

    2. Embracing the challenges of new ideas and perspectives

    3. Critical thinking 

    4. Reflection and discernment

  • Which of the characters in the book fail to display wisdom and how? Did they grow from the experience? Why?

  • What connections can you make between the situations in the book and your own experiences?

  • What character or situation expanded your knowledge or challenged the way you think? Explain.

  • How have you grown in wisdom in the past? What caused you to grow and stretch? What types of situations do you grow the most from?

  • Where is there room for growth with your own Emerging Wisdom journey? (see components above)

  • What other books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, etc. have you gained wisdom from?