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MLA: Intro

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OWL Purdue MLA guide gives you information on citing creating works cited pages, in-text citations, and formatting your paper.

Major Changes From MLA7

Some of the more significant changes are:

  1. vol. and no. are now spelled out. (Ex. Instead of 32.3; it's: vol. 32, no. 3)
  2. Place of publication is omitted.
  3. If the publisher of a website is the same or similar to the title of the website, you may omit the publisher.
  4. Page numbers are designated with p. or pp.
  5. Date of access is omitted unless you think the item may change or be deleted.
  6. Medium of publication is omitted.
  7. Permanent URLs or DOIs are required for electronic resources.
  8. The abbreviation et al. can now be used for three or more authors.

For more information on these changes visit this website: 

New MLA Template

Basic Rules

  • Long works like book titles, website titles, database names, magazine or journal titles are italicized.
  • Short works like chapter names, webpages, or articles are placed in "quotation marks."
  • Dates are written in the day month year format (ex. 10 Aug. 2016)
  • Abbreviate University Press as UP
  • Capitalize each word in the titles of articles, books, etc.  Unless it is the first word of the title or subtitle, do not capitalize:
    • articles (the, an),
    • prepositions,
    • conjunctions