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The Nazareth Library: Sursum Libros

Sursum Libros!

Suggested Summer Reading List‚Äč

Sursum Libros is an incentive program that celebrates literacy and encourages students to read for pleasure beyond what they are required to complete in the classroom. This incentive program starts in the summer and continues throughout the school year. Students who read over 600 pages are eligible for awards and prizes at the end of each quarter.

Students are also encouraged to make individual reading goals each semester. Those students reaching their goals are eligible for prizes.

Students can earn badges to track their reading progress and diversify their reading habits. Badges will be given for reading different genres, reading Nazareth Library recommended books, and other book related activities.

How to participate:

Students will keep a log of books they are reading in the Google Sheet found in the Sursum Libros Google Classroom. At the end of each quarter and the end of the summer they will submit the sheet for verification. Goals and badging will also be managed in the Google Classroom.

Sign up for the Google Classroom using the code: 5790ylg

The last day to submit for the school year is May 1.


Prizes will be awarded after every quarter -- including a bonus summer quarter awarded during the Fall -- with special celebrations at the end of each semester. Prizes include: Dress down days, gift cards, ice cream parties, and others.


  • Personal Integrity is a main tenant of our Character of a SJA Graduate statement. Students are expected to maintain the highest levels of honesty.
  • The book should not be one assigned for a class.
  • You must read the entire book.
  • The Nazareth Library reserves the right to verify all entries.
  • Audiobooks and eBooks may be submitted, but make sure to include the physical number of pages that the print version would have.